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All About Us

Style. Design. Service.

Welcome to our 3 independent shops in Swanage where we offer quality outdoor and leisure clothing along with lovely home furnishings.
What a beautiful classic seaside town with so much on offer. Our shops are positioned in The Square just across from the seafront with fabulous views. 

Michaela and I believe that customers should have a wide range of interesting and different  quality products to choose from combined with friendly helpful customer service that produces that “feel good factor”.  
Did you know that according to Brunel University (and other studies) shopping is actually good for you. It promotes mood lifting endorphins (especially if you find a bargain) which can boost your immune system. It keeps your mind active and your brain nimble, it provides vital social interaction and the exercise is good for you. Overall shopping for leisure provides a heightened sense of happiness.  Ladies do tell your husband this fascinating fact as I’m sure it will enhance his experience of watching you shop! 

When  you visit any of our shops you will always find a warm welcome and fulfilling experience.
We pride ourselves in offering a relaxing shopping environment and interesting products you wouldn’t find on the typical high street. 

You can now follow us on social media, so  tell your family and friends and come back to visit us soon.

Diane Standley

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